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Mini Yarn Bombed Wish Tree Project and Wishtree Book

Mini Yarn Bombed Wish Tree Project and Wishtree Book

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Practice empathy, compassion, and connection this holiday season by sharing a wish! Create an Art in Action wish tree with your family and friends to express the wishes you have for the coming year. 

Building on Yoko Ono’s concept of Wish Trees this project combines the magic of wish making with the whimsy of yarn bombing and is beautifully tied together with a delightful tale shared in Katherine Applegate’s book Wishtree

The kit includes a 1ft tree trunk and stand, assorted colorful yarn, 8 wish tags, and the Wishtree book. There are clear instructions on how to: incorporate the book into the project; use the step-by-step guide to finger knitting; talk about and make meaningful wish tags, and assemble the tree.

We hope that this all-embracing experience will bring you just a little bit closer to those people who are dearest to you by sharing your wishes with each other, your family, and your community.

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